Nick Leigh

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Born in 1962, Nick originated from Cornwall where his father, the sculptor Roger Leigh, was an assistant to the internationally renowned artist Barbara Hepworth. His mother worked for the Potter, Bernard Leach.

He graduated from Warwick in 1984 achieving a 1st Class honors Degree in the History of Art. There followed a variety of jobs including songwriting, working as a freelance illustrator and antiquarian book dealing in London, before he returned with his wife Nicky to Wiltshire in 1992. He divides his time between running a picture framing business and his art works of which he says ‘I have always been concerned with the inclusion of artisanal skills in the production of art and to this end my more recent relief constructions represent a desire to move away from the traditional planar singularity of the picture surface. In this way external light sources become instrumental in the creation of form within the work. Gold leaf, mineral powders and varnishes are also used to exploit the transformative potential of various lighting conditions in a dynamic way.'


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